Saturday, February 21, 2009

MDF Coroplast Concave Stage

Sorry all these pictures were taken by my phone, will get better ones soon. Made 3, 10' structures, don't know what to call them, LED inside to light up inside, and gobo patterns cropped hitting fronts. The 6 panels are corroplast framed by wood, semi transparent material. and then the objects between are boxes from the Hunstville airport. They were throwing them away to update terminal. I got a dozen of them, used 5, and framed plexi in the fronts and mounted LED bars in them. The top and the bottom can be different colors. In the pictures they are all green at the time I was taking pictures. This set can change any color or color combos. Choir risers also light up. New set for the Rock Family Worship Center, Huntsville Alabama, lasting til Easter.