Saturday, February 6, 2010

Husky work lights

The Rock FWC production team, did a music video on the roof of our church for a special Echo (college/Career ministry). The band, Eyes Around, a local band, but are originally from Louisiana. The roof was cool, the city lights in the back ground was good, but it still needed something. Dustin Allison LD and I worked fast to throw this last idea together. I bought 5 Husky tube work lights. I have used these before at a Healing Place Late Nite @ the Varsity a few years ago. Tried it again, but got a little more out of them. Dustin plugged them into dimmer, so we could make them flash at different times. Since then Todd Freeman helped me hack into them and now we can control the blue LED at the top with two tails coming out. The youth have them now in their sanctuary, and being next to all the guitars and keyboard, we had to take the florescent out due to the ballast hum. Fairly simple modification, need some one with electrical know-how. Still perfecting the blue LED on top, they seem to do their own thing right now.