Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tools in my shop

Good tools make the job easier and more fun. I'm a big Ridgid fan, love the Fuego series. Most of my tools are Ridgid, because of lifetime warranty agreement, and because they make some of the best tools. Bosch makes the best jigsaw and has many other great tools. I like Dewalts miter saws and I can't afford Festool or Laguna. There is a new tool review magazine that comes out every year comparing tools. Has been very helpful when considering purchasing a new tool. Harbor Freight has many tools to choose from and cost is much cheaper, but never know how long they will last. Craftsman has been a leader for many years, but think there are better tools for the same price. You can always rent tools from the Home Depot rental to get a job done, but maybe better to just purchase the same tool and have it for next project.